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Witches Brew


Once upon the witches hour

Three dark souls walked together, they did not cower

Into the woods to cast a spell

Over the town that they dwell

An older brother with visions high

A middle sister who loved a good lie

And the youngest of them all

The smallest yes, but she did not fall

Edward, Zelda and Hilda they were called

In this town, Greendale they bestowed a fog

Only allowing certain creatures to roam

In this place they called home

They lost their parents in a brutal attack

Killed by witch hunters caught in the act

The three stayed hidden at first

And once it was all done they bestowed a curse

No more hunting witches in these parts

For witches too, like mortals have hearts

As the fog lifted the cursed stayed in tack

Living for years in peace until there was a sudden crack

Edward married, a mortal no less

And it was then that his faith gave him a test

They lived happy for a moment or two

Until a gift of birth broke the glue

A daughter was born, on all Hollows Eve

Naming her Sabrina Ann Marie

All hell broke loose at the name

Their death alone was theirs to blame

This new babe left at the door

Of the Sisters Spellman’s floor

Zelda was worried for the sake of the babe

While Hilda sang songs and cherished her name

The two sisters, different in many ways

Both agreed to keep Sabrina safe, always

And when she is becoming of age

She will take a new path, written on a new page

The years would be long at first

But they had no idea how it could get worse

Half mortal and half witch

The unknown magic gave those a slight twitch

Our tale has barely begun

But have no fear there will still be fun

We shall see how this all came to pass

Starting in the beginning with each ones Black Mass


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Capturing the Devil Review

As some of you know my reviews never have spoilers even if the book as been out in the world for years and the same goes for the ones that were just released. My reviews are merely my thoughts. So Capturing the Devil was a grand read to this series coming to an end. So many emotions that I had felt. I literally cried at one part and got upset the next then slowly had a smirk on my face. I personally cannot stay mad at Thomas Cresswell even though sometimes I wanna slap him but he is a charmer. I have yet to meet a man of his character and if I did I wouldn’t know whether to strike him or kiss him. Anyway moving on for my listing after Audrey Rose’s beau, I love how she is strong and brave throughout the series. She does drive me nuts sometimes because I would have done things differently but then my outcome would be a bore. Each character that is someone she cares for are written so intensely that while I was reading I could see them so clearly as if they were in my living room. This really was a great ending in a series. It’s funny because certain references throughout this book were like it was speaking to me since I had recently read The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and then Hyde just really made me aware of it all. Like I said no spoilers but everything was amazing. It’s kinda funny though while reading this since I just received it yesterday I had been binge watching the Sabrina the teenage witch new series on Netflix and between reading CTD and watching Sabrina was a spooky balance between the too. I am sad that I finished now both the book and tv series. I love this series and I wish to know more but certain books leave you with a happily ever after and then others just leave you to an end, having you make up in your mind what would happen next. A part of me really wants to see this happen in a movie but I’m just afraid they would ruin it, have the wrong actors looking nothing like the characters or missing vital details. Yeah as much as I would love a movie I would have to direct it lol anyway happy reading and can’t wait for a new series by this author.

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Hyde Review

Well I finished this book yesterday on Friday the 13th. Spooky no?! Well I must say reading the point of view of Hyde makes me think that Dr Jekyll was the monster. I guess it was common back in those days to have split personalities because of all the damage that was done to them as children. A lot of books I have read or documentaries about the insane asylums from that time and further back are about cases where individuals said they were more than one person, and these so called doctors would do crude and unexplainable techniques to get the results they wanted. But in doing so they mistreated innocent people who started out with a bad hand. It wasn’t just the poor that dealt with hell on earth but also the rich, like Jekylls father. Certain things were expected and sometimes as a child there’s only so much we can take that we have to build up a defense to keep us safe. Hence an alter ego. Some serial killers claimed someone made them do it or it was an out of body experience that caused those crimes and sometimes we will never know for sure. Doctors have came along way to find out those answers but I don’t believe any of them went to the lengths as Henry Jekyll. Reading from Hyde’s point of view really made me feel for both the personalities and those innocent people that were caught up in the middle. I still wanna know what happen to Jeanne and to Georgiana and even Lizzie these poor women that were in the middle of these 2 men yet still one and the same. So yeah it’s hard to get at first had to read chapter one a few times but it was an eye opener to see the killers view. But then again isn’t Hyde just a pawn? You decide.

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We’ll Never Be Apart Review

So I started this book yesterday and didn’t want to put it down but I finished it today. I definitely didn’t see the ending coming. Normally I can spot how it’ll end but this time I was blindsided. I normally read retelling or murder mysteries but this book was way off. I guess I judge it by its cover but I’m really glad I read it. It definitely is a good thriller twist. I’m still kind of confused on how it came together but let’s just say the mind is a wonderful thing. So check it out and see if you feel the same.

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Out of Oz Review

Finally after 3 months of trying to get through the final book in the Wicked Years I finish it. I def did not like this one at all because it was just so long and took forever to get to the point and finally when something turned into a twist I was too bored with it to even bother to care. I really wanted it to have a great ending but it was just an ending that really made you have more questions. So the Wicked Years are finally over and I will just say this if you like books that have political views then yea sure read the series but for me I should have just stayed with Wicked. That book was by far the best one. So yea I don’t even have the energy to spoil you with the good parts so read it or don’t or just have it for your own collection. At least this is one of the books I finally finished.

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Pan’s Labyrinth Review

So I have to say that I maybe a little boded when it comes to reviewing this book because I have seen the movie a dozen of times and loved it. So when I heard that they were coming out with an actual book I knew I had to get it. It is a child’s fairy tale but it’s a great fairy tale. Nothing like Cinderella or Snow White no prince to save her. Yes there are telling where the girl saves herself but in this one in order to save her brother she gave up her life not knowing if she would ever be the Underworld Princess the Faun told her she was. There are some short stories to explain certain aspects of the book that were neglected in the movie but it makes it so much better to understand why things happened. I definitely enjoyed reading it and so happy it’s among my fairy tale collections.

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These Shallow Graves Review

So I just finished reading this beautiful book by Jennifer Donnelly and from the first page until the last I was in awe. This book was written in the 1800 era where women didn’t have a say so to do anything and privileged women didn’t have the right to go anywhere or become anything without the approval of a man. So barbaric if you ask me. I know that if I lived back then I would have become a spinster or disowned from my family because I would choose my own path. I don’t want to give anything away but Miss Jo Monfort she was my inner hero. Much like Audrey Rose she too had a sort of Thomas Cresswell who is Mr. Eddie Gallagher. Of course not sure if those two love birds got to be together towards the end but there was passion between them. And this thrill of a rollercoaster had me saying “what, no, are you serious” I literally had to put the book down to gather my thoughts and emotions. I never thought it would have me like that since only the SJTR series and Jackaby series had me like that but this was really twist after twist. I did have my moments where I knew what was going to happen and then I was all wrong. I’m really glad that I read it. I got this book a few weeks ago and it just stayed on my shelf as I was struggling to get through the final book in the Wicked Years and I have yet to finish it. So I decided a change of books would be nice and it was it really was. You def should check it out. Plus Jen also wrote my other favorite of hers Beauty and the Beast Lost in a Book. See you later bookworms